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Visual Art - Years Seven and Eight
The study of Visual Art introduces students to drawing and painting (the basic yet fundamental elements of Art), and encourages students to experiment with a wide range of styles, techniques and media.  Visual Art helps students to develop creativity and problem solving skills.

Students will also be introduced to the key elements of design used in drawing and painting. These specific elements are essential towards the growth and style of a young artist proceeding through the journey of high school Visual Art.

Throughout the course, students are expected to complete conceptual work, documentation and research relating to their practical work at home.  Students will complete most of their practical pieces in class, however some time will need to be dedicated to completing work outside of class-time, either during their lunch times or at home.  Students are also given occasional homework that responds to artworks and other artists’ artworks, art history and movements.

Visual Art - Years Nine and Ten
Year Nine and Ten Visual Art seeks to develop students’ creative skills and provide them with the opportunity to express their creativity by experimenting with a wide range of styles, techniques and media.

Students considering choosing Visual Art as an elective in Years Nine and Ten should enjoy being creative, independent workers who are eager to develop their artistic skills. They should be willing to experiment with different media and have a desire to learn more about the art industry. Anyone can participate in Visual Art as long as they are willing to invest time into practicing and developing their skills.

All Visual Art students are expected to spend time each week, in addition to their allocated class time, working on their tasks – either at home or at school during break times and/or after hours.

Visual Art - Years Eleven and Twelve
Senior High Visual Art aims to provide students with the technical skills and understanding of artistic processes that are the vehicle for expression of ideas in two and three dimensional images. In this sense, Visual Art is a non-verbal, visual language. Through it students are able to make social comment, as well as celebrate creation, through which God expresses His creativity and artistry. Students are also taught how to be creative thinkers.

Senior High Visual Art is an excellent opportunity for students to continue to develop their skills in a range of mediums introduced in Years Nine and Ten Visual Art, and to specialise in an area of interest. Mediums including drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, ceramics and sculpture are included in the course, to provide students with a broad range of experiences and techniques.

Possible careers associated with the study of Visual Art include commercial artist, graphic designer, secondary teacher, roles in the film and television industry, set designer and interior designer. There is a need, however, for creative people in all industries.

Senior High Visual Art runs on a 2-year cycle with a combined class of Year Eleven and Year Twelve students.


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