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In Prep we recognise that learning outcomes are more likely to be achieved when we work in partnerships with families.  We foster your child’s unique qualities as we teach them independence, social learning, health and physical development and language skills. An understanding of early literacy and numeracy, the ability to think and solve problems, the development of imagination and creativity and a positive approach to learning, provide a balanced integrated curriculum for your child.

In Prep we:

  • are perceptive of students interests, needs and abilities when implementing the Australian Curriculum and the principles of the Early Years Curriculum
  • provide a warm, caring and nurturing atmosphere within an academic environment
  • have dedicated full time Teacher Aides
  • teach your child through focused learning and teaching, investigations, real-life situations, play, routine and transitions
  • have weekly sessions with specialist teachers in Health and Spiritual Education, Library, Music and Physical Education
  • enhance learning experiences through incursions such as visitors from the Fire Department and PetPep
  • participate in the Cross Country, Ball Games and Athletics Carnivals
  • have a two week swimming block with qualified Learn to Swim Instructors from Darren Lange Academy in Wilsonton
  • attend weekly Praise and Worship and integrate Christian Education across the curriculum
  • encourage strong partnership with parents through email, regular newsletters and parent teacher interviews 

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