Primary School Gifted and Talented

CogAccThumb_jpgAt Toowoomba Christian College we believe that each student is uniquely created; this includes the manner in which they learn.  The Gifted and Talented program has been established with the aim to encourage students to pursue their love of learning.

We believe that in order to provide a supportive classroom environment, each student’s individual learning requirements, including those of the accelerated learner, need to be adequately catered for. This program has been developed to cater specifically for the needs of Gifted and Talented students in Years 2 through to 6.

The program has been developed to be implemented in the classroom.  The program provides students recognised as Gifted and Talented with the opportunity to pursue competitions and projects of different types and interests. Students are required to use a variety of research avenues and presentation opportunities.  Students are also appropriately recognised for their work and achievements.

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