Enrolment Procedures

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The usual enrolment procedure is as follows:

  • Parents receive an information package from the school.
  • Parents arrange with the school to have an information interview and/or school inspection conducted by the school
  • If parents wish to proceed, they lodge the APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT form with the school's Enrolment Officer.
  • The Enrolment Officer then makes arrangements for an enrolment interview with both parents and the student. This interview is conducted by the Principal.

Following this interview, the outcome is conveyed by letter.

If parents wish to take up the offer of a place for their child, the School Standards and the school's Behaviour and Performance Agreement need to be signed. Upon the school's receipt of the completed forms mentioned above, the student's name is added to the class list and enrolment has been completed.

Please note that the school now requires from new families to the school a non-refundable New Family Enrolment Fee of $250 to secure a place for children entering Prep to Year 12.


On the application form parents are asked to indicate when they would like to enrol their children and into what grade. The school then handles these applications according to the following:

Starting Immediately

An interview with the Principal is organised at the earliest mutual convenience.

Starting in the following year

Interviews are conducted in Term 1 for those who have applied to start in the following year. Prep and Year 8 are handled as outlined below.

Starting some time in the future

All applications go onto a waiting list. No preference is given to the order in which the applications are received. Interviews are conducted in Term 1 prior to the desired year of starting.

Starting in Prep

All applications go onto the waiting list. 

Starting in Year 8

All application go onto a waiting list. No preference is given to the order in which the applications are received. In Term 1 of the year prior to starting, the school conducts interviews with each family and prospective student. By the end of Term 2 the final offer of positions in Year 8 takes place. All continuing Year 7 students are guaranteed a place in Year 8, subject to the effort and behaviour of the student.

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