TCC Aims


TCC Aims To:

Support parents in raising their children in the instruction and discipline of the Lord.

Provide a secure and loving environment which promotes discipline and respect for authority.

Provide an academic approach which caters for the uniqueness of each child.

Provide opportunity for academic excellence by encouraging each student to aim for his/her best.

Nurture in each student the different God-given gifts toward their usefulness in the call of God.

Promote self-discipline and train students to be hard working, able to use technology, to work in a team and contribute their talents and insights to the betterment of the whole.

Challenge every student to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Provide a wholesome moral environment consistent with Biblical standards.

Develop the skills of discernment, communication, and problem solving.

Exalt the values of faith, hope, love, respect and faithfulness.

Develop the character qualities of trustworthiness, quality workmanship, personal responsibility, confidence, compassion and humility.

Uphold the role of government in society and to teach the Christian commitment to the betterment of others as they themselves become the 'light and salt' in their community.

Encourage stewardship of God's earth and the resources He has given us.

State clearly the vision that all men are to come into a knowledge of the truth and that the Kingdom of God transcends culture.

Help students appreciate the diversity of cultures in our world.

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