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Christian Character
The school helps develop students’ character by helping them see the importance of making Godly responses and discovering what the Godly response should be.

The school desires to help all students grow in their character by training them to make Biblical responses to the issues they face.

Training in Christian values
The school helps develop the embracing of Christian values by the students through its pastoral care network.

The students are taught to apply the Scriptures to everyday life. The values of honesty, faithfulness, diligence and respect are taught as values that everyone needs to embrace.

God-given talents
The school feels the responsibility to prepare young people in areas other than academics. We believe there are many talents that God wants to develop besides our mental ability.

Sporting abilities through interschool opportunities
The school helps develop the sporting abilities of students by offering many sporting opportunities.

Students have many opportunities to participate in various sporting and cultural competitions with other schools in Toowoomba.

The setting of lifetime goals in line with Biblical exhortations
Students are challenged to think seriously about the rest of their lives.They are presented with the fact that the goal in life is to serve God with all that they have.

The school wants to see our young people develop a strong hope and faith that will endure the trials of life.

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